Announcements for October 4,2020

Announcements for October 4,2020

Weekly Announcements:

Contribution Update

Please consider submitting your contributions online at: This is the preferred method of giving to limit the number of trips to the mailbox. Contact the office if you have any questions (

September 2020

  • Weekly Budget.........................................................$23,000.00
  • September 6th..........................................................$21,891.19
  • September 13th........................................................$16,590.00
  • September 20th........................................................$23,368.67
  • September 27th........................................................$21,223.23
  • Missions Contribution Collected for 2020 ................$61,014.88

Prayer Request:

  • Lillie Tran: Our sister Lillie Tran has been admitted to the hospital. She has a mass growing in her brain. She can have visitors. She's at CMC - Room 9924.
  • Thomas Hickman Jr.: Please pray for Thomas Hickman, Jr., the brother-in-law of Ed Hampton who is a disciple in the Harlem Region of the NYC Church. His body is rejecting the lung transplant that he received several months ago. His wife is Veronica Hickman, is also a disciple and the younger sister of Melinda Hampton.  
  • Carrielynn Utley: Please pray for Brad, Carrielynn, and their family as Carrielynn's mom recently passed away. Cards of encouragement can be sent to: 13824 Connell Green Drive Charlotte, NC 28213
  • DiAndre Arrington: Please pray for DiAndre Arrington's mother Vonya Arrington. She has been diagnosed with Stage 4 Pancreatic Cancer and is currently dependent on a ventilator which makes her too weak to receive chemo at this time. Pray for her to be able to breathe on her own and to regain the strength needed to receive treatment.
  • Paulette Sifford: Please pray for Paulette Sifford's sister-in-law, Vivian Richardson. She has been diagnosed with stage 4 cervical cancer which has metastasized to her lungs. Vivian and her husband, Calvin live in Lithonia, GA.

Church Wide Notifications:

  • Help Save Swamp: Camp Swamp has become a "second home" and "a safe place to be yourself" for thousands of campers for over two and a half decades. We would like this to be the case for many more decades to come. However, the COVID-19 situation has, for the first time in its history, put the Swamp at risk of staying open. Guided by prudence and adhering to Georgia regulations, closing camp for the 2020 Summer Camp Season made a huge impact on our kids and the Swamp's finances. Thanks to some quick planning, hard work and the Spirit's influence, Swamp Virtual Camp provided a spiritual and relational in-the-gap experience for our kids; now it is on to the financial side of things. While each month we hold out hope that the front gate can open, it seems prudence and Georgia regulations will not safely allow it. The result is a 79% loss of our annual operating revenue, which has put Swamp finances in a state where we will soon run out of money with no substantial revenue until March of 2021 when summer camp registration is in full swing. Please click the link for further information and instructions!!!! HELP SAVE the SWAMP

Ministry Announcements:

Youth & Family:

  • Swamp Virtual Camp: Swamp Virtual Camp is coming up. Cost is $45.00. The platform is Hopin. Join students from all over the Southeastern USA and internationally. Times for the campers: Friday 7-10pm, Sat 9-1pm, Sunday 9-11pm. Link to register:
    • Middle School Retreat: Oct 16-18, 2020 (deadline to register Oct 9th)
    • Teen Retreat: Oct 30-Nov 1, 2020 (deadline to register Oct 23rd)
    • They are in need of counselors. Counselors need to be available for the entire weekend. Here is the link for counselors No cost to counselors. They will need a background check.

Care & Compassion:

  • Senior Agape Program: The Senior Agape Program of the Care and Compassion Ministry continues to invite the entire church (groups, members, families and kids) to participate in our monthly "Acts of Love" event by writing letters and/or cards to the residents at the Anita Stroud Living Center (where Ms. Pat & Ms. Dee reside). The letters and cards of encouragement we received last month really made the residents feel very special. Please continue to support our ministry by continuing to send letters and cards to the church. Once you have written a letter/ card, enclose it in an envelope address it with "Dear Resident". Place the letter/card into another envelope and send it to Care and Compassion Ministry c/o The Charlotte Church at 1800 Camden Road, Suite 107-275- Charlotte, NC 28203. Thank you all so much for your continued participation and support.


  • HOPE Facebook Group: While we continue to meet virtually, we would like to encourage you all to follow our chapter HOPE Charlotte on Facebook. With the increased demand for assistance in our communities due to COVID, this will enable you to stay informed regarding future service projects that we will schedule. It's simple.
    • a. go to Facebook.
    • b. Do a search for HOPE Charlotte and
    • c. request to join the group.
    • Also we will post HOPE announcements on the Church's Facebook page. Or you can contact me directly.
  • Loaves & Fishes: We have had a partnership with Loaves & Fishes food pantry located off Billy Graham PKWY that serves our neighbors in the West Corridor for several years now. Due to the increased demand of families in need of food, they began to meet those needs by distributing food from their mobile food pantry. We've reach an agreement with them that will allow them to meet this need from our parking lot located at 2200 Ashley Rd Charlotte every Monday from 1:30 PM until 3PM indefinitely. We are in need of volunteers to assist them in distributing food boxes. You must contact me to reserve a slot for this project to ensure we can maintain the CDC guidelines. If you are interested please contact Mike Dames: or 704-724-2362. Please wear your HOPE T-shirt when you serve. Thank you for your continued prayers and support. If you have additional questions please contact me at or 704-724-2362


  • MMOG/M3OG EVENT ANNOUNCEMENT: Calling ALL MMOG/ M3OG Current & Past attendees, it is time to take MMOG to a whole new level and put the past 10 years of what we have been talking about, teaching about, all the battle-game devos, Bon-Fire talks, tears and confessions into practice! Due to Covid, we had to postpone our events to October 3rd. Well, the event is on, but in a whole new way! ALL MMOG/M3OG participants, past & present and this time even the Moms, Spouses, Sisters & Daughters to join us on the same planned, scheduled weekend......OCTOBER 3rd & 4th!! Also, OPEN TO ALL WHO WANT TO SERVE!!
    • Basic details now, 10/3; Meet uptown Clt AT 8 am, dispatch in small groups, gather at main tent area to serve lunch, supplies distribution & small worship Devo! (Following All Covid Guidelines)
    • Now for the Celebration! After the service day, we are planning to have a gathering of ALL MEN/SONS at Camp Walter Johnson for a Saturday night camp out!! No Cabins, no cafeteria, just all out camping and cooking our own food (To be provided). gather for fellowship, have some small battle-games (bring your swords!), our MMOG Bon-Fire time and then have a great worship time Sunday morning.
    • MMOG 2020 SERVICE EVENT & CAMPOUT DATE; 10/3-10/4 Sign Up Deadline; 9/20 To Register &/or Donate Registration Fees; "Availability & Skills" form to RSVP & Approve fees

Children's Ministry:

  • Curriculum Resources: Hello Families, in an effort to keep us moving in a faithful and spiritual direction, we have created a Children's Ministry page on the church website where we will provide our weekly Orange Curriculum parent guides, lessons, and videos. Click here for weekly resources.

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