Announcements for May 3, 2020

Announcements for May 3, 2020

Weekly Announcements:

For the month of May, The Charlotte Church will continue to meet virtually as we have been. Thank you for your continued prayers for wisdom as we navigate ahead.

Contribution Update

Please consider submitting your contributions online at: This is the preferred method of giving to limit the number of trips to the mailbox.

Contact the office if you have any questions (

April 2020

  • Weekly Budget........................................................$23,000.00
  • April 5th...................................................................$18,116.50
  • April 12th.................................................................$23,724.95
  • April 19th.................................................................$28,281.52
  • April 26th.................................................................$19,516.47
  • Missions Contribution Collected for 2020 ..............$22,050.48

Prayer Request

  • Susan Raye: Please be in prayer for Susan Raye and her family. Her mother Betty 'Jean' Chester Calvin passed away on April 27th. Cards of encouragement can be sent to: Susan Raye 7330 Reynard Lane Charlotte, NC 28215
  • Thomas Hickman: Please be in prayer for our brother Thomas Hickman as you heard he had the lung transplant last year May. He is being taken back to hospital for breathing problems. Please pray that the doctors will be able to help him quickly. He has been feeling a little weak. So please pray for full recovery should they diagnose him for COVID virus.
  • Evelyn Dowery: Please pray for the Shackleford and Lewis families who are mourning the death of Mamie Ruth Lewis (81), Evelyn Dowery's sister and Sharma Graham's aunt. Mamie passed away on Friday, April 17, in Durham at the Duke Hock Family Hospice Pavillion after a long battle with cancer. Pray specifically for Mamie's daughter, Deidra Lewis of Salt Lake City, UT, and her beloved grandson, Christian Lee. A private funeral service was held on Wednesday, April 22 at her church, Kyles Temple AMEZ in Durham. She was buried at Woodlawn Memorial Park in Durham.

Church Wide Notifications:

  • Congratulations: Congratulations to Brice and Katherine Milsaps on the birth of their daughter Emery Estelle born on April 23, which was 7 weeks early, weighing 3lbs7oz. Please be praying for Emery as she will be in the hospital for a couple of weeks. Both Mother and Baby are doing well. Cards of encouragement can be sent to: Brice and Katherine Milsaps 1109 Bethpage Rd Kannapolis, NC 28081-9000
  • From Rodney: Last Sunday, April 26 there were two "hidden" items on the bookshelf behind me. Answer this question fully, and get the "Prize". "The bones of these two religious leaders are still in the grave, but NOT our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. What well known book did each of these leaders write, that can't hold a candle to the Holiness of the word of God?" Again, be the first to tell me BOTH books and YOU get the Prize!! Put your answer in the comments section (where everyone says hello when they get on the YouTube Channel) between 9:45 - 10:00. The FIRST complete answer I see wins the Prize!! I'll be watching....
  • Pandemic Video: This is a GREAT 5 minute video entitled: A Pandemic is a Terrible thing to waste. It's geared toward youth BUT it is GREAT for everyone. Check it out. Video Link, Rodney
  • Spoken Word Artist: If you are interested in participating in a small project for a future service please send you information to: by Wednesday, May 6.
  • FOR THE WOMEN FAMILY GROUP LEADERS: The entire staff is grateful for your service to the Church in your role as a family group leader. These have been particularly challenging times for all and in an effort to support you, our sisters who are in some cases juggling work, home schooling, engaging with the family group virtually and everything else, we are going to spend time praying on your behalf! The staff women will "gather" to pray for each member of your family group specifically. The dates and times we will be praying for each group are listed below. Family group leaders, if you're able to join us when we pray for your group, we'd love it; but if not, don't worry, we've got you covered! Just reach out to Lavonia or Jennifer for the details. For now we are just opening this to the family group leaders in an effort to support them and keep the "gatherings" intimate. However feel free to use the below as a prayer list in May.
    • Tuesday, May 5 2:00pm: Concord, Harrisburg, Ballantyne, Arboretum
    • Thursday, May 7 12:00pm: Steele Creek, Acosta, Mallard Creek, Hunsaker
    • Tuesday, May 12 7:00pm: Espy, Brookshire, Gastonia, Pineville
    • Saturday, May 16 9:00am: Highland Creek, Ft. Mill, Moss Creek, Indian Trail/Monroe
    • Tuesday, May 19 12:00pm: Violante, Cornelius, SW Young Marrieds, Y&F/Middle School
    • Thursday, May 21 7:00pm: Mooresville, Huntersville, Matthews
    • Tuesday, May 26 2:00pm: Southend, Arbor Hills, Campus
    • Saturday, May 30 9:00am: Brookstead, Rocky River, Prosperity Village
  • DO YOU HAVE A NEED? or WANT TO MEET A NEED? The Care & Compassion Ministry has created a Have a Need, Meet a Need Process. Please visit the links below for more information.
    • Click HAVE A NEED, if you have a need and fill out the linked form, providing as much detail as possible.
    • Click MEET A NEED, if you would like to meet a need - we will be updating this list of needs in the congregation daily, providing enough detail so you know what's being asked. Each need will have a button you hit to sign up to meet the need. Contact details will then be texted to you within 24 hours. Please contact the Care & Compassion Ministry at if you have any questions

Upcoming Church Wide Events:

  • SWAMP: Swamp Camp has been cancelled for this summer, but there is great news about a Virtual Camp Swamp! Please see the link to the main page of Camp Swamp for a video from Jeff with more information on the cancellation and the Virtual Camp Swamp. This week there is a pilot program running for virtual Swamp and we are fortunate to have members of the Charlotte Church participating - look for testimonials coming soon!
  • 2020 Vision Conference: The WDS2O2O Planning team continues to evaluate the COVID-19 situation worldwide and locally. Although they have no definitive update regarding the status of the conference, they currently considering several possibilities and have outlined three options for going forward. For more information and details, please visit: 2020 Conference Update

Ministry Announcements:

Care & Compassion Ministry:

  • WE NEED YOU!: Are you interested in helping in the C&C ministry? Do you have some time during the day? Are you comfortable with technology? Then - The Care & Compassion Ministry would like to talk to you. We have a few projects we would like some help in implementing? Please give Margo Scurry a call or text her at 704.277.5605


  • CALLING ALL WARRIORS; UNITE FOR CARE & COMPASSION: The Care and Compassion ministry of our church need help! They need frontline warriors, armor bearers and servants now more than ever! We need ALL Dads, TEENS, Campus, Singles to step up and join this campaign! Go to this sign up form and wait for the battle cry! To sign up, click HERE

Children's Ministry:

  • Parent Survey: In these unique times, the Children's Ministry wants to be here to love, comfort, encourage, and support you. Please take a little time to complete this survey, and let us know how we may support your family right now. (Survey Link)
  • Curriculum Resources: Hello Families, in an effort to keep us moving in a faithful and spiritual direction, we have created a Children's Ministry page on the church website where we will provide our weekly Orange Curriculum parent guides, lessons, and videos. Click for weekly resources.

Y&F Ministry (Teens):

  • PROM 2020: The Teen Prom, hosted by The Charlotte Church, was originally scheduled for May 2nd, however, due to COVID-19, May 2nd is no longer an option. We have decided to move the Prom to July or Aug 2020. We will notify you as soon as we establish the date. Thank you for your understanding and patience.

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