Announcements for January 17, 2021

Announcements for January 17, 2021

Weekly Announcements:

Contribution Update

Please consider submitting your contributions online at: This is the preferred method of giving to limit the number of trips to the mailbox. Contact the office if you have any questions (

January 2021

  • Weekly Budget.........................................................$22,000.00
  • January 3rd..............................................................$25,248.00
  • January 10th............................................................$16,813.64
  • Missions Contribution Collected for 2021 ...............$3,972.00

Prayer Request:

  • Devonda Witherspoon: Please pray for Devonda and her family as her 96 year old grandmother recently passed. Cards of encouragement can be sent to Devonda at 3233 Park Road Apt T Charlotte NC 28209
  • Pat Collazo: Please pray for Pat Collazo. (Ms. Pat) She has lost vision in her eye. She is scheduled to have surgery to restore her sight on Monday, 1/18/21. Please pray that it will be safe and successful.
  • General Prayer: Please be praying for all of those who are members of the Charlotte church and for their loved ones that are fighting the COVID virus at this time.
  • Natasha Pyfrom: Please pray for Natasha and her family as she is scheduled to return to work from maternity leave on 1/18. Please pray for her to have reliable childcare, peace, good health, and contentment in the process. Pray for wisdom, discernment and patience for her and her family.

Family Group Leaders:

  • Leaders Meetings Schedule for 2021: This year, starting in February (12:00pm - 1:30pm) we will have leaders meetings once a month in a group and Regional format; it works out to (6) gatherings all together and (5) Regional (North & South) gatherings. At this point they will all be via Zoom. The schedule looks like this:
    • February 7: All Together
    • March 7: Regional
    • April 11: All Together
    • May 2: Regional
    • June 6: All Together
    • July 11: Regional
    • August 1: All Together
    • September 12: Regional
    • October 3: All Together
    • November 7: Regional
    • December 5: All Together

Church Wide Announcements

  • 2020 Contribution Receipts : The contribution receipts/statements for 2020 donations have been generated. There are two ways to obtain your statement: (1) Register for an account on the church website at and obtain your statement online under "Giving History"; or (2) request your statement by emailing Remember: If you will be claiming a deduction on your tax return for your donations to the church, you should obtain your receipt prior to filing your taxes. (Note: If you use the online option and do not see your contributions, let us know so that we can connect your login account to your giving profile.)
  • WOMEN'S PRAYER REGARDING CONCERNS CLOSE TO OUR HEARTS: As the prayer coverage continues through the month, the staff women will be hosting prayer groups on specific topics. We invite the sisters to join us and feel free to invite you family and friends. To accommodate as many as possible, we have created zoom links for each and have scheduled these around typical working hours. Simply click on the title of each prayer time to access the link.

o MAJOR ISSUES FACING WOMEN TODAY: 1.24.21 Sunday 7:00-7:30AM

 Meeting ID: 776 598 6882

 Passcode: Luke18:1

o FOR THOSE BATTLING COVID 19: 1.25.21 Monday 10:00-10:30AM & 8:00-8:30PM

 Meeting ID: 584 285 0693

 Passcode: 5527993

o MENTAL & EMOTIONAL HEALTH: 1.25.21 Monday 5:30-6:00PM

 Meeting ID: 835 9150 0309

 Passcode: 555913

o WOMEN & THEIR PROFESSIONAL LIVES: 1.26.21 Tuesday 6:30-7:00PM

 Meeting ID: 889 8499 0179

 Passcode: 382052

o MOMS OF THOSE IN VIRTUAL SCHOOL (Pre-K-COLLEGE): 1.26.21 Tuesday 7:00-7:30PM

 Meeting ID: 728 961 8285

 Passcode: Jesus

o CAREGIVERS & WOMEN WITH AGING PARENTS: 1.27.21 Wednesday 12:00-12:30PM & 8:00-8:30PM

 Meeting ID: 584 285 0693

 Passcode: 5527993

o MOMS WITH YOUNG CHILDREN: 1.28.21 Thursday 7:30-8:00PM

o FOR OUR FINANCES: 1.29.21 Friday 12:00-12:30PM and 1.29.21 Friday 7:30-8:00PM

 Meeting ID: 584 285 0693

 Passcode: 5527993

o MOMS WITH YOUNG CHILDREN: 1.30.21 Saturday 7:30-8:00AM

o SINGLE WOMEN: 1.30.21 9:00-9:30AM

 Meeting ID: 894 3693 1117

 Passcode: 962916

o MOMS WITH ADULT CHILDREN: 1.31.21 Sunday 7:00-7:30AM

 Meeting ID: 776 598 6882

 Passcode: Luke18:1

o YOUTH & FAMILY MOM: 1.31.21 SUNDAY 7:00-8:00PM

  • Prayer Chain: It's been encouraging to begin 2021 faithful in prayer together and let's continue through January. Has God put on your heart a specific need to pray about or a person to pray with? Simply click this link and keep the prayer chain going: PRAYER SIGN UP
  • New Christian Class: Attention! If you have been baptized or restored from 2018-2020 this is for you. We are starting a new Christians class on Sunday January 24th that will run for 5 weeks once a week for an hour from 5:00-6:00pm via Zoom. The teachers for the classes will be David and Jennifer Cunningham(Fellowship with God), George Violante and Danielle Scurry(Fishers of Men), Steve and Tinisha Bookhart(Filled with the Spirit), Kevin and Alex Sampson(Following Jesus), and Phil and Bonnie Fisher(Foundational Biblical Doctrines). The Acostas and Cortezes will be teaching these classes in Spanish. We are looking forward to seeing you there, Class Sign Up

Ministry Announcements:

Youth & Family Ministry:

  • MS/Teen Parent Midweek: Debunking Parenting Myths on Thursday Jan 28th at 7:15pm on ZOOM: Meeting ID: 685 464 3989, Passcode: 903961 or CLICK HERE . We will split up men and women, so please log in with 2 devices.
  • Y&F Parent Prayer Night: Sunday January 31st on ZOOM Mothers: 7:00pm-8:00pm, Meeting ID: 685 464, Password: 903961 Fathers: 8:00pm-9:00pm, Meeting ID: 2449949015, Passcode: 971390

Campus Ministry:

  • Virtual Meet & Greet: The Ellyson's will be hosting a Zoom meeting on Sunday January 31st from 2:00pm-3:30pm for the parents of the campus students and parents of the high school seniors! This will be a great time to get to know the Ellyson's. They are hoping to share their vision for the campus ministry and get to know the parents of their students. Please send an RSVP to by January 28th at 8:00PM to receive the Zoom link.

Children's Ministry:

  • Parenting Beyond Capacity: The Children's Ministry will be restarting our parenting series with the book Parenting Beyond Your Capacity. For the series we will have families in the church share on 5 family values: Widen the Circle, Imagine the End, Fight for the Heart, Create a Rhythm, and Make It Personal. Each month from January-June we will email a video and questions, then come together at the end of the month for a Zoom discussion. The video will be emailed on the first Sunday of each month and we will have the Zoom discussion at 8:00pm on the 3rd Thursday of each month. If you do not receive the email or if you have further questions, please contact April Williams at
  • Chil Min Corner - Click HERE!

Care & Compassion:

  • Senior Agape Program: On behalf of the Senior Agape Program of the Care and Compassion Ministry, we like to thank each and everyone of you that help to support our Senior Agape "Acts of Love" Cards and letters of encouragement campaign in 2020. The words of encouragement given throughout the year along with the Thanksgiving fruit basket greatly uplifted our seniors at the Anita Stroud Living Center. As we begin the new year, we would like ask for your continued support of our efforts. We will begin another Letter of Encouragement "Acts of Love" Campaign next week. Cards and letters will delivered in February. Please continue to mail letters to the church office and label them Care and Compassion Ministry c/o Charlotte Church, or drop off your letter at the church in the outside mailbox located outside of the Fellowship Hall.


  • Save the date! Registration is now open for the 2021 Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Virtual Celebration and Digital Art Contest on January 18, 2021 at 3PM EST. Let's make it a family affair as we encourage you to research our theme "The Beloved Community". We invite you to submit a digital piece that expresses your understanding of what Dr. King meant when he referred to "The Beloved Community". The entries will be featured and the winner announced at the end of the event. The winner will receive a $100 Grand Prize. The program will feature music, art and a meaningful discussion about Dr. King's dream of creating a Beloved Community. Featured Panelists include:
    • Dr. Ben Barnett, Chief Evangelist HOPE worldwide, Inc.
    • Mr. Michael Burns, Author, National and International Teacher, Twin Cities Church of Christ Ms. Kendall Baldwin, Director of U.S. Chapter Relations, HOPE worldwide, Inc.  
    • Mr. Trevor Hansen, Guest Moderator

Please click on this link to register for the event and receive instructions for the art contest: Please share this link with your family, friends and network.

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