Teen Beach Trip

The Teen Beach Trip is coming up soon. This is a time when all rising 8th—12th graders and recent high school grads can enjoy the beach in one big house! There will be games, beach time, pool time, basketball time, a community service project and more. This year it is scheduled for the week right after school is out. June 14-18. Registration is now open. The cost is $350 which covers transportation, lodging, and meals for 4 nights and 5 days. So parents, please register. The deadline is Sunday May 29th (memorial Day weekend). If you are interested in sponsoring a teen, you can reach out to Crystal Mbanuzue (cmbanuzue@thecharlottechurch.org)

Teen Beach Trip is the most impactful event of the year for Charlotte teens. This is when the teens become best friends and build those deep lasting friendships that get them through the tough days at school. We hope your teen can join us!

Click the link below to register!