Announcements for August 23,2020

Announcements for August 23,2020

Weekly Announcements:

Contribution Update

Please consider submitting your contributions online at: This is the preferred method of giving to limit the number of trips to the mailbox. Contact the office if you have any questions (

August 2020

  • Weekly Budget.........................................................$23,000.00
  • August 2nd...............................................................$16,286.16
  • August 9th................................................................$22,494.55
  • August 16th..............................................................$15,924.54 
  • Missions Contribution Collected for 2020 ................$50,942.08 

Prayer Request:

  • Olga Kinvi: Please keep our sister, Olga Kinvi, in prayer. She has been diagnosed with Covid-19. Olga is currently in Greenville, SC at the home of her son and his family.
  • Jon and Anna Curtis: Please keep Jon and Anna Curtis in your prayers, as well as the whole Curtis family. John's step-mom, Teeshla Curtis, lost her multi-year battle with cancer. She was a part of the Columbia church, spent many years serving HOPE Worldwide, and leaves behind her husband and 3 daughters adopted from India. Jon and Anna serve in the Fayetteville Church as Y&F leaders. Please pray for their comfort and God's guidance
  • Ming Henderson: Please pray for Ming's sister Wendy who just got diagnosed with metastatic breast cancer. Pray that her heart is open to know God and God will miraculously heal her.  

Church Wide Notifications:

  • Staff Announcement: For those of you who have already replied to this via the email you received Monday, thank you! No need to read further.   As a church, we began 2020 with The Power of One Theme and made decisions for personal growth, one another relationships, and those we desired to help know Christ. Many of you shared your goals with us and the staff has been praying. To better inform us as we plan for the remainder of the year and into 2021, we'd like to hear how the spirit is working and/or what challenges you're facing in these areas. Please click this link by Monday, August 24 for 3 brief questions.  For those of you new to the congregation or who would still like to fill one out, please visit The Power of One 

Ministry Announcements:


  • HOPE Facebook Group: While we continue to meet virtually, we would like to encourage you all to follow our chapter HOPE Charlotte on Facebook. With the increased demand for assistance in our communities due to COVID, this will enable you to stay informed regarding future service projects that we will schedule. It's simple. go to Facebook, Do a search for HOPE Charlotte and request to join the group.
  • Loaves & Fishes: We have had a partnership with Loaves & Fishes food pantry located off Billy Graham PKWY that serves our neighbors in the West Corridor for several years now. Due to the increased demand of families in need of food, they began to meet those needs by distributing food from their mobile food pantry. We've reach an agreement with them that will allow them to meet this need from our parking lot located at 2200 Ashley Rd Charlotte every Monday from 1:30 PM until 3PM indefinitely. They are in need of volunteers to assist them. If you are interested please contact Mike Dames: or 704-724-2362
  • 2020 School Tools Campaign: Our children will be returning to school shortly. Due to COVID, instruction in most districts will begin virtually. However, our children still need school supplies in order to assist them with their learning. Many our students are coming from households where resources were already low. Now they have been impacted even more due to the pandemic. Here is where we can stand in the gap and meet a need. Today we are officially launching our 2020 School Tools Campaign We are asking all who can to personally participate as well as to recruit colleagues, friends and neighbors to collect school supplies thru September 11th. There will be one drop off date for the supplies that you collect. That date is Saturday September 12th. Members in the South region can drop off the collected supplies at the designated times at the church building. Members in the North Region can drop off supplies at the church building or the Dames house in Harrisburg. This year all supplies collected will be given to:
    • Students in our church who are in need. All you need to do is notify your small group leader if your child needs supplies.
    • The remainder of the supplies collected will be donated to our community partner - Ashley Park Elementary which is a Title I School located just a few miles from the front door of our church.
    • Thank you for your continued prayers and support. If you have additional questions please contact me at or 704-724-2362

Care & Compassion:

  • Senior Agape Program: The Senior Agape Program of the Care and Compassion Ministry is inviting everyone in the church to continue participating in our monthly "Acts of Love" event for the month of August by writing letters and/or cards to the Seniors residing at the Anita Stroud Living Center. Two of our sisters live here but we'll be writing these letters and cards of encouragement to be given to their fellow residents. This is an especially isolating time and these really do make a difference. If you would like to continue to participate just keep sending the letters and cards to the church or click to sign up .
    • We need 85 cards and two of them need to be in Spanish.
    • All letters need to be submitted by August 22,2020.
    • Once you've written a letter or card, simply address the envelope "Dear Resident"
    • All the cards you've written can be compiled in one larger envelope and mailed to: The Charlotte Church: c/o the Care and Compassion Ministry 1800 Camden Road, Suite 107-275 Charlotte, NC 28203

Children's Ministry:

  • Curriculum Resources: Hello Families, in an effort to keep us moving in a faithful and spiritual direction, we have created a Children's Ministry page on the church website where we will provide our weekly Orange Curriculum parent guides, lessons, and videos. Click here for weekly resources.

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